Tellabs – Newbury, West Berkshire

The media interest generated by a 20ft high landmark sculpture, erected on the main gateway roundabout to Newbury in Berkshire, only helped to raise the profile of telecoms solutions provider Tellabs.

The £21,000 work of art “couple in conversation” was created to celebrate Newbury’s cutting edge technological influences, so it was only fitting that Tellabs should provide sponsorship of the busy Robin Hood roundabout. Mike Rodger, Chairman of the council’s town trail committee said: “This powerful piece of art will give many people something to admire and provides a prominent local landmark.”

The introduction of sponsorship for such a high profile location lead to wider benefits for both the sponsor and the local community. As a direct result of Tellabs’ successful roundabout sponsorship Newbury significantly benefited from further sponsorship investment being made in support of local social inclusion projects.

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An excellent initiative and a great way for companies to promote themselves in an environmentally-friendly way by bringing the countryside into urban areas.

—Gordon Lundie, Councillor, West Berkshire Council