Arctic Spas – Eastbourne, East Sussex

Arctic Spas’ sponsorship created an impressive and bold design upon a very busy roundabout close to the company’s Eastbourne showrooms. Arctic Spas’ emblem, a white polar bear, was situated within a sunken hot tub that, when filled with creative planting spilling over the edge, provided an attractive aquatic effect.

The unique central polar bear and hot tub was accompanied by purple and white Osteospermum planting in both patterned landscaping features, with floral planters completing the dramatic effect.

Due to its eye-catching nature and busy location, Arctic Spas’ roundabout sponsorship gained immediate public interest and was the subject of a BBC Television News report.

Arctic Spas’ Director Ross Morris, speaking during the report, commented: “We saw it as a fantastic opportunity, and when I saw the finished roundabout for the first time I thought it was absolutely fantastic! About 40,000 people come around this roundabout everyday and they’re seeing it twice a day – on their way out and on their way back, and we’ve seen a lot more people now coming into the showroom. It completely outweighed my expectations!”

On a visit to the roundabout site and the company's showrooms the then Mayor of Eastbourne, Graham Marsden, said: “It’s always pleasing to be able to support local businesses and Arctic Spas is no exception. We are most grateful to them for their contribution in ensuring that Eastbourne’s townscape and scenery is the envy of most other towns.”

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It is an enormous pleasure for us, as a local firm, to provide sponsorship for this project. The imaginative design and sensitive layout of this site transforms it from a mere traffic control feature to a real and attractive enhancement of the local landscape.

—David George, senior partner, Barwells Solicitors