Martin Hawkins Building – Battle, East Sussex

Roundabout Sponsorship offers a unique opportunity for businesses to raise their local profile which is why, since its adoption by East Sussex County Council, it has proved popular with the local business community.

One such company, Martin Hawkins Building, were fully aware of the benefits it could have on their business after securing the sponsorship of the main gateway roundabout into Battle.

Martin and Lisa Hawkins said: “We had been waiting a long time to be able to sponsor this very busy roundabout, so when Keegan Ford and the county council made the opportunity available we acted very quickly to secure it.

“By having the Martin Hawkins name constantly in view to so many people every day we’ve ensured a significant rise in our regional profile. It will become locally known and referred to as our roundabout.”

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Our sponsored roundabout has not only raised our own local profile, but it's also helping to promote the whole area to both visitors and residents.

—Phil Fowler, Managing Director, Meads Street Interiors