Vodafone – Newbury, West Berkshire

Vodafone, creator of the world’s largest mobile community, re-branded the large and busy A339 roundabout at the entrance to its World Headquarters in Newbury. The beautifully presented theme, designed around the company’s “speech mark” logo, is also in perfect balance with the rural environment in which it is situated.

The focus of this design is the Betula trees that help make a stunning central feature. The Stipa tenuissima grass has a soft flowing quality, adding movement as well as blending into the rural landscape. The Stipa gigantea adds height to the under planting with the red flowered perennials lighting up the scheme.

Geoff Findlay, West Berkshire’s Councillor for Countryside and Environment, was effusive in his praise for Vodafone and the roundabout sponsorship scheme, he said: “The benefits of roundabout sponsorship are two-fold. Businesses gain the advantage of promoting their good name and local people reap the benefits of visually attractive landmarks that enhance the local environment for all.”

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Roundabout sponsorship will generate financial benefits that can be used to further enhance the local environment

—Gordon Lundie, Councillor, West Berkshire Council