Maincor – Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Prior to the introduction of new funding this ‘gateway’ roundabout, celebrating Sir Frank Whittle’s invention of the jet engine, had become significantly overgrown, with the roundabout as a whole very much under-maintained. The central area was dense to the point whereby the Frank Whittle central recognition plaque was not even visible.

However, thanks to the sponsorship of local plumbing and underfloor heating specialists Maincor, the subsequent landscaping investment and ongoing high level of maintenance that the initiative provided, the roundabout’s appearance improved dramatically. It has even been voted the UK’s 4th favourite roundabout in a nationwide survey that was conducted by Saga.

A ceremony to celebrate the installation of floodlights at the roundabout drew a sizeable crowd of 60 people including a number of dignitaries from the local and regional area.

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An exciting initiative. Sponsoring a roundabout is an effective marketing tool and also helps to improve the environment.

—Nick Rushton, Deputy Chairman, Leicestershire County Council