Meads Street Interiors – Eastbourne, East Sussex

Meads Street Interiors’ sponsorship helped transform a busy local roundabout into a beautifully presented and tropically themed landmark.

The roundabout, regularly seen by most residents in the town due to its location at the entrance to a major supermarket, has three large and exquisite tear-drop shaped beds, each encased in a 6” high wooden border and with Mediterranean-style planting which includes cordyline palm trees, yuccas and osteospermum landscaped into the location opposite the three busy access roads.

Talking to the Eastbourne Herald, Phil Fowler, Managing Director at Meads Street Interiors, talked about the benefits the company were seeing from their sponsorship. He said: “Our roundabout sponsorship has not only raised our own local profile in just the right way, but it is also helping to promote the profile of the whole area to both visitors and residents of the town.”

Councillor Colin Belsey, the then Mayor of Eastbourne, praised Meads Street Interiors for enhancing the quality of the local highway environment. He added: “I am delighted to be in a position to thank companies such as Meads Street Interiors who are helping to improve the look of our town.”

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A fantastic opportunity. About 40,000 come around this roundabout every day. We've seen a lot more people coming into the showroom as a result.

—Ross Morris, Managing Director, Arctic Spas