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Our roundabout sponsors have seen that creating a visually attractive local landmark can get the whole area talking.

The community directly benefits from seeing improvements made to their local area. Not only do they see a local company actively helping to make the area a better place to live and work, but at the same time promoting a positive local image to visitors.

This combination of social and environmental benefits has resulted in very favourable press coverage of our sponsors and their Local Authority in the form of print articles, radio interviews, and a BBC television news report.


BBC TV’s South East Today News programme reported on Arctic Spas’ eye-catching roundabout, part of Eastbourne’s very successful roundabout sponsorship initiative.


BBC Radio Northampton

‘Drivetime’ show hosts Annabel Amos and Richard Savage discussed the subject of roundabout sponsorship with their roving reporter Willy Gilder.

Read the full transcript of BBC Radio Northampton’s segment.

Vodafone’s roundabout sponsorship

A radio segment about our role in Vodafone’s sponsorship of a busy roundabout at the entrance to their World Headquarters in Newbury.

Read the full transcript of Vodafone’s roundabout sponsorship segment.


What have the written press had to say about us, our roundabout sponsors, and their local authorities?

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A fantastic opportunity. About 40,000 come around this roundabout every day. We've seen a lot more people coming into the showroom as a result.

—Ross Morris, Managing Director, Arctic Spas