What are our roundabout sponsors and their local authorities saying about us and the environmental sponsorship scheme?

A fantastic opportunity. About 40,000 people come around this roundabout everyday and they’re seeing it twice a day-on their way out and on their way back, and we’ve seen a lot more people now coming into the showroom.

Ross Morris, Managing Director, Arctic Spas

[Roundabout Sponsorship]’s an excellent idea. It’s going to make the town really lovely and bright. It’s nice to know the roundabouts will be maintained.

Councillor Pat Cumbers, Mayor of Melton 2005-06

Our partnership with West Berkshire Council on this scheme benefits the environment in a highly visible way, and promotes a very positive image of our business.

Lee Foster, Jill’s Laundry Services

An exciting initiative for the county council and for local and national businesses. Sponsoring a roundabout helps to improve the environment as well as generating in excess of £200,000 over the next three years.

Nick Rushton, Deputy Chairman, Leicestershire County Council

It is an enormous pleasure for us, as a local firm, to provide sponsorship for this project. The imaginative design and sensitive layout of this site transforms it from a mere traffic control feature to a real and attractive enhancement of the local landscape.

David George, senior partner, Barwells Solicitors

I suggested that it would be a good idea to adopt a roundabout and enhance it to provide an attractive gateway to the town. When the opportunity arose, I took little convincing that this was a progressive option for the society, the local environment, and for Melton Mowbray.

Gordon Wells, Chief Executive, the Melton

A great way for companies to promote themselves in an environmentally-friendly way by bringing the countryside into urban areas. To date it’s has generated around £50K for West Berkshire and looks set to continue at around £40K per annum.

Gordon Lundie, Councillor, West Berkshire Council

The benefits of this scheme are two-fold. Businesses gain the advantage of promoting their good name and local people reap the benefits of visually attractive landscaping on roundabouts which enhance the local environment for all. I am delighted to be in a position to thank our sponsors who are helping to improve the look of our town.

Councillor Colin Belsey, Mayor of Eastbourne 2006-07

Our roundabout sponsorship has not only raised our own local profile in just the right way, but it is also helping to promote the profile of the whole area to both visitors and residents of the town.

Phil Fowler, Managing Director, Meads Street Interiors

It’s important that the urban environment is maintained to a high standard as it sends a very clear message about Eastbourne’s attitude to cleanliness.

Councillor Graham Marsden, Mayor of Eastbourne 2005-06

The benefits of the [roundabout sponsorship] scheme are two-fold. Businesses gain the advantage of promoting their good name and local people reap the benefits of visually attractive landmarks that enhance the local environment for all.

Geoff Findlay, Councillor, West Berkshire Council

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