Vodafone’s roundabout sponsorship

Transcript of a radio segment about our role in Vodafone’s sponsorship of a busy roundabout at the entrance to their World Headquarters in Newbury.

Radio Presenter: “We already call the Vodafone roundabout after its sponsor, but we’re apparently already using other company names to navigate our way around West Berkshire. The scheme giving firms the chance to have a roundabout named after them is proving successful just a few months in, the companies also get a say in how the roundabout’s landscaped. Mark Barfoot, who runs the scheme on behalf of the District Council, says it’s good for advertising as well as adding to the town’s appearance.”

Mark Barfoot: “It’s a bit difficult not to call the large roundabout, on the A339 outside Vodafone’s headquarters, the ‘Vodafone roundabout’ if it’s got a beautiful, huge speech-mark logo landscaped into the roundabout made of lovely red poppies and flowing grass that enhances the local environment as well as making a corporate statement as well.”

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